Boys always lie

Boys always lie

Boys always lie


Dear Chris
you know, they say after your first heartbreak you get a little bit stronger for when it happens again. Well, let me tell you that’s not that case at all matter fact it is more painful!Because in the beginning your guard is up and you tell yourself several times not to let it down because all guys are the same, but he talked a good game he told me he’s different, and he wouldn’t hurt me like the last guy & most of that he was loyal. Honestly, it all caught me by surprise. It all sounds so good & he would do everything right to kissing my forehead to making me mad and sitting on the couch on the corner not talking & he’d simply come over to me & smother me with kisses. I fell right into being so attached to you I wanted to know everything about you I wanted to see him 24/7 and just wanted to be with him. I miss when he would come over daily to see me I miss when you would just laugh & play around & you always talked about me not being able to sit through a movie, and I have a small attention span lol. I miss all the times, we had our ups and downs because I was still able to talk to you 🙁 I miss your touch, your kisses, your smell & most of your heart. Simply thinking about you makes me have the goosebumps and makes me nearly wanna throw up. but everything changes so fast and there’s nothing you can do about it. he lied to me time and time again & he told me never to worry about his ex girlfriend and within the first week of us not taking he had a bonfire and invited her to it. like how do you tell me not to worry about someone and you still fw her and invite her to hang out with you and 5 other boys & idk who else was even there because no one posted it BESIDE HER !


  1. jH 2 years ago

    Miss you JDM. You meant the fucking world to me and still. Yes I know i come off like I’m still mad or hurt but I’m not I just still missing yoh.

  2. Natalia 2 years ago

    oh I´m so sorry darling… he is a fucker (sorry for my french)

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