Why can’t I stop thinking of you ?

Why can’t I stop thinking of you ?

Why can’t I stop thinking of you ?

I don’t even know where to begin! 
So much happened in so little time…  I legitimately waited 10 years to get you back and then I finally did.. things were the same! Something happened you didn’t like and you would just shut down, and not speak or smile or anything and it just killed the whole mood!! I LOVED you more then anything, but I couldn’t handle how you were always so unhappy over the littlest things that don’t matter in life!!! LIFE is so short… I picture blending our families.. buying a house together and just being happy!

You have to realize at that point in life I was going through a lot.  I left a man who loved me so much, and I started drinking because I was not use to not being with him! My life wasn’t based on partying it was based on getting use to the new! If we just passed that part… we would have been golden. I don’t talk to those people you didn’t want me to anymore! Why? Because I leant for myself and wasn’t told! I love staying in and relaxing having movie nights. I got rid of all that shit on my own! Which I would have done with or without you.  

All I want to say is I’m sick and fucking tired that you are always in my head even though I know we’re toxic.  PLEASE go talk to someone and get rid of those horrible qualities of just not being happy!  If something small happens just give it up! Don’t make a FUSS! I hope you have a blast with the girl you’re with now… the one you told me smells disgusting, but then again your ex was beef curtains… I wonder what you say about my vag now ???

Anyways.. take care of our dog! Take care of your sons! I wish nothing, but the best for you!

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    Do it

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