You played your game and then threw me away

You played your game and then threw me away

You played your game and then threw me away

LTME-postDear ex,

Last one-and-a-half month has been turbulent. After I did so much for you and took so much load on my shoulders to support you in the difficult times you were going through, you decided to break up with me without ever giving me a real chance. The week after we still got in touch sometimes. When you called in the middle of the night, because you couldn’t take it any more I went over and were there for you. We decided to not enter a relationship again, but to keep seeing each other. Two days later when things were going somewhat better for you, you decided to simply turn back your decision.

After we still saw each other often, mostly when you were drunk again. Every time you called I accepted you in my house and in my life, with you pushing me away again as soon as you were sober. This escalated to the point where you decided to come over to my place without letting me know. You took a cab and had no other way of transport, so I let you in. I’m not letting a girl walk home by herself while heavily intoxicated. Different from your weakling brother who had been out with you that night, knew you were heavily drunk and didn’t even take the responsibility to take care his sister got home safe.

After that we saw each other once when you were sober and once when you were out and drunk. I tried to ignore you that night and not to talk to you too much, but you decided to start talking to me, which ended in a fight. Then you called me on Friday night, being heavily drunk. You weren’t even paying attention to your phone, so I hung up. Afterwards you tried to call me for four times and I just decided to push it away. The fifth time I took the phone and again incomprehensive talk. The day after that you sent me some messages and then decided that you were done playing with me, so you not only blocked me from your phone but also from your Facebook. After all I have accepted from you and did for you.

It took a time for me to see the real you. Someone who just uses people as she pleases, in her own self-centred game. Not being able to feel any love for another person and probably not even for yourself. While I now know the real you and know it’s better to have nothing to do with you anymore, still there is a lot of love for you left in my heart. So sorry you are not capable to deal with any human feelings.


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  1. Mel 6 years ago

    I’m sorry!!

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