LTME-postEvery day I think about you. I think about the little moments that we share today and every day I wish that we could be together once more. Our connection is real, the grounds of our connection is the bonds that keep us together. I honestly don’t want you to see us as just friends. I want us to go back to the love connection that we have. I want your face be the one that i wake up to every morning and the last face i see when i go to bed. I just want the opportunity once more to spend my life with you. I am missing you. I believe that fate will bring us back together but i also believe that we would have to reach each other half way. I really miss you babe!


  1. s.b 3 years ago

    matthew wadlow?

  2. MM 3 years ago

    I wonder if it’s her?

    MW – mere woman

    She’s far from it.

    She’s remarkably beautiful, mind, body, heart & soul.

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