I want an apology

I want an apology

I want an apology

LTME-postDear J
I just want an apology. I want you to say sorry for making me feel like I need to take my own life, for replacing me so fast and making me aware of it, for ignoring me when we were dating and not making an effort to talk to me. Say sorry that you stopped being a boyfriend to me, sorry you made you feel bad about everything I said and did, for never congratulating me and celebrating my achievements even though I constantly tried to make you feel better about yours. Say sorry to me because now I have to explain to my next love why I flinch every time someone touches me. Say sorry to me be because now I feel like I don’t deserve love. Say sorry to me because I was the only one willing to love you and you took advantage of me. Say sorry for the abuse, the harassment, and the selfishness.

I hate what you did to me. I hate the way you look at me now. I hate how you blamed me for every fight. I hate the scars you gave me.

I don’t hate you because you’re a bad person…
I hate you because you made me hate myself.


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