Dear everyone here

Dear everyone here

Dear everyone here

LTME-postWe are all here for the same reason. Please tell them you miss them, you think about them, you still loved them, and you want to be with them. There is everything to lose. Time does not heal. Give them a chance to reject you again, its much better than rejecting yourself.
Still dealing with it after 20+ years


  1. Victor 2 years ago

    Fuck. I was really trying to find something positive in your post, but the honest truth can be brutal.
    I think you have a point, even though I’d say, there can be closure without a heart breaking love confession followed by crushing disilusion..
    Well at least I hope so, cause if not, we are all doomed.

    Love and Hope to everyone

  2. Sun 7 months ago

    It’s never too late. If you really love them, reach out and tell them how you really feel. They may feel the same about you.

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