Mixed emotions

Mixed emotions

Mixed emotions

LTME-postDear Jake,

I am putting this out to the universe that relationship with you had the biggest negative consequence on my life. Before I met you I had lost about 30 kg and I was in the process of starting to connect to myself. I wasn’t looking for relationship when I met you because I still didn’t have a relationship with myself. However the circumstances presented themselves and I ended up falling for you. What I would’ve done differently is I would’ve focused on my own life and not become so obsessed with you and meeting your needs. I would have had more of a balance spent more time with my family and going to the gym rather than pretending to. I would have eaten in front of you normally and I asked to go for more jogs with you. I would have made my way home on Sunday evenings so that I didn’t rely on you so much. I had a lot of fun with you and a lot of laughter and amazing sex! I have mixed feelings and despite what happened I’ll never hate you. Congratulations on your new life and your family I hope you’re happy and doing well.
Love Mish xoxo

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  1. Jake 2 years ago

    Seems jake was to bad if you still don’t have hatred towards him ?

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