Bye bye

LTME-postHow are you doing? It’s been a month or more. No calls, no texts, no chitchats. Yah. to admit, i miss you. But I want to stop playin’ cause i know that I’m always losin’. But actually, I am not playing. Iloveyou sincerely but you don’t. You know that. I never cheat but you always do.

I always wanted to tell you everything, but it’ll go wrong. Argh!

I hate it. Did you know how much time and money I spend for your birthday? Of course you don’t know. How would you know, if you’re with your sidechick. Hahahaha. Funny.

Damn! Damnit! I want to slap the two of you. But you never heard a word from me.

This was not the first time you cheat. I am actually almost getting used to it. But hell damn! That’s not an excuse.

You could have tell me if you want for us to stop. You know that right? I am always telling you that I am willing to let you go if you’ll just tell me you don’t want me anymore. It should be not like this. You just surprise me in a snap and all I want to tell you is fuckyou dude.

But don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Hayst.


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