What I’ve learned

What I’ve learned

What I’ve learned

Dear POS,
I really hope you burn in hell. How the relationship went and how you broke up with me was not fair. It has almost been two years and no response. Everyone who is alive in this life who is close to my heart has hurt me. You and my mother has hurt me pretty bad. Because of you two I have changed. I chosen to close my heart off for good.

I won’t open up to anyone ever again that at a close range anyways. I have decided friends are the best way to go in life. Taking care of animals is the best way to go. I know in those instances that animals love me like my dad when they die. At least I know they truly loved me up to death. It brings me peace. Friends are easier simply because we don’t expect much from each other. I don’t have to trust them with my heart. I can trust them with everything else. Meaning I am still open about myself. Telling them how i feel any all, but relationship wise it will never happen. You know that is what I’ve learned from you. Romance in life doesn’t amount to anything. I really am not thankful for meeting you ever. I think you ruined my chances in love and all relationships. I will never trust again and I have given you 100 percent of myself. I have nothing left to give. Besides I’ll never be giving any part of myself again to anyone. Someday I hope justice rings bells for me.

I hope my life will be worth it trying to walk on my own two feet alone. I hope someone else hurts you like you hurt me so you will learn your lesson to not do that to anyone again. This was the only way for me to speak. I’ve tried so hard to write these letters, but I feel private letters are not enough for me. I do day dream about beating you up and dream at night that I ignore you even though you wanted me to acknowledge you.
I think it’s better in person to never acknowledge you. You never acknowledge how I’ve felt. You never acknowledge what I wanted to say to try and save the relationship. Still if you try to talk to me I’d hopefully learn how to fight and just beat you up.

People may think how it went is not a big deal. It is to me. I even promised myself and you heard it. I won’t date anyone after you again. I meant it and I am serious about that. Honestly I do wish I had never met you. I hope someday you will pay for this.


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