Trying very hard to move on

Trying very hard to move on

Trying very hard to move on

LTME-postDear Mr Bennet

It is so hard to do the right thing..but i am trying.
I want to fix myself. I want to love my self and gain myself respect. I am realizing it now little by little how stupid I am for wasting the 7 years of my life in believing in you and your sh#t promises… God witnessed all I risked All I thought was worth fighting for. God knows I’ve lowered myself just for us…anyway.. everything was a big mistake…and I hope God still forgive me for everything i have done wrong. I pray for His grace to help me thorough all this. I surrender all my heartaches, pain, grief, anger and anxiety… I hope sooner everything will back to normal..just like 8 years ago when the time I haven’t met you.


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