Here’s to moving on

Here’s to moving on

Here’s to moving on

LTME-postHey Martin,

its been quite a long while. i hope its been amazing for you and how things worked out over there. it March 28, 2018 and im trying hard not to check out on you via facebook..this is only because i want to learn to finally let go without a trace.
I’ve carried you along for maybe 6 years, and i think its just time to let it go completely. Our last conversation was your birthday, November 11 and honestly i didnt know that you would still bother to reply. But you did, and i had nothing to say. Maybe because, its been such a long time and i had nothing left to say–or dont know where to start. I still dont know if you would care with what i will say. So i did not bother ask. tho i would say, its crazy. its crazy trying to hide that excitement of seeing your messages pop up my phone, and how my heart raced a bit whenever it did. Yes, i still think about you once in a while, but i know i have to be better. I wish you everything but the best, nothing less. I have already accepted the fact that you wont be anymore coming home, or wont anymore keep in touch. And its something ive learned to live with. Even this silly letter, you wont ever read it. Just want you to know how special you were once to me, youre making it hard for me to love again. to find someone with the same chemistry like we had is quite impossible. you were great, you were perfect. i just dont know why you left.



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