the hardest thing is letting go

the hardest thing is letting go

the hardest thing is letting go

LTME postI was 13 when i first met you, and i must be honest that at that moment, you weren’t exactly the apple of my eye. I was 15 when you first kissed me in the red hall, and that was more than enough for you to have me hooked. i crushed on you and i crushed on hard. fast forward to many years later, and you never left my mind. through failed relationships you were always on my mind. I am not a cheater, but you brought out the worse in me and every one i dated, i cheated on with you.

at 21 you came back into my life and you turned my world inside out. i don’t think you saw how much i fell in love with you. we turned 22, 23, 24 and you left me for another girl with the excuse that i was away at college and she was there all day everyday. you knew my situation and the only reason was to obtain that that i wanted the most. after fighting for your attention and trying to get you back, i became pregnant. contrary to popular belief, i did not do it on purpose. it was 100% accidental, but you making me get rid of my baby was not. it messed with me and four days after the abortion you left me again for the same girl.

fast forward a year later and you try to come back because you think im the one and you think you made a mistake. you strung me along for almost five months, ruined my birthday, and then left me again for the same girl. you failed to see how in love i was with you through out the years. I hope to outgrow this, and that i will grow strong from all this. congratulations on your engagement to the girl you left me for over and over. contrary to popular belief i don’t creep on you, people just have big mouths. your heartbreak has helped me grow, and i have faith that i will be something great. you will regret this and i hope one day you see me in all my success and glory. I still love you, and i don’t think i will ever stop, but i swear i will move on.

The girl whose loved you since she was 15.


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