How could you move on so fast?

How could you move on so fast?

How could you move on so fast?

LTME postI cheated on you. Our long distance was too much for me to handle, but you forgave me. Over and over again, you kept telling me we’ll pull through, till I couldn’t take it anymore. I met someone who lived in the same country as me, thought he was the one, well maybe the “other” one. I broke up with you.
I don’t hate it that you got over it so quickly, I hate the fact that you started going out with the one person you said you’d never be with. I don’t know if you did it on purpose, but it hurt me. I guess that’s what you must’ve felt every time I told you I’m going out with someone else.
Now I’m sitting alone, in a cold bed, and you’re with her… Happy.. In love.. How can you be so in love in such a short period of time? You’re already making new dreams with… Her…
I’m truly sorry, I never knew heartache can feel so bad. I hope you forgive me. In time I’ll be able to tell you “I wish you and her all the best”, but not right now.

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  1. Chris 3 years ago

    I know I am not him because after you I never had another relationship with a woman or relations with a woman since you.
    But I hope things work out for you and your ex.
    Ask the God of Abraham through His Son Jesus Christ that you need help … (not any of the name only Christian churches of the world… no but we can speak directly to the Father through His Son Jesus Christ)

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