The story of us

The story of us

The story of us

LTME-postHi. It’s been 2 days since we officially became “friends” only. I thought I was able to say everything to you, but day by day I realized that I still have a lot to say to you. However, I don’t want to push you away that is why I’m controlling myself to not to talk to you anymore.

You told me you wanted to be alone and get a life. So I’m letting you go even if it hurts (so bad). I thought I’ll have no regrets after as I tried everything to save us. But I was wrong. I should’ve reached out to you earlier when I was mad, I should be the one to take a step back for us to be okay. We should still be okay if I did that. I’m sorry for letting you feel unhappiness as I thought I was doing the right thing to love you.

But still I am trying to understand why this happened to us. I still believe that we can work this out. You told be if we can be friends, if the anger subsides and we still have feelings for each other, then we can try again. This is the only hope that I got.

I miss you, I miss myself when I’m with you. I feel so miserable right now as I don’t know what to do. I want to stop (just like what you said), but I can’t.

You also told me that I am the one who knows you really well. Same here. You were the one whom I can tell you everything how I feel about the world.

I would also like to apologize if my insecurities compromised my trust to you. I’m also sorry if I lied for the reason that I want to protect you.

I told you before if the relationship ends, I don’t want to get back to it ever. But for you, there’s an exception. I still believe in us. Hopefully someday when we both realized what went wrong, we can still work this out.

Right now I’m trying my best to be okay. I will try to improve myself while waiting even if you already told me not to wait.

I miss you. I still love you, M.

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  1. Troy 5 months ago

    I am so confused I want to believe its u moja and this is to Mr trust issues…if this is so why can’t you tell me this in person I have never loved the way I love you..but it has become so difficult to talk to u, I feel everything I say falls on deaf ears your defense mechanisms are killing us and things I do are killing us as well is there no common ground I will regret losing you for eternity right now I’m just trying to get me together that would be what is best for us please if this is you krolawa tell me I’m tired of guessing I know my mind is weak and that’s something I’m trying to work on time is of the essence…T.I.

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