Dear perpetual victim

Dear perpetual victim

Dear perpetual victim


You snivelling, little coward of a man. I catch you in two back-to-back lies, you give me assurances and declare me the love of your life, then two days later refuse to talk to me, and two days later break up with me BY EMAIL!!
AFTER 18 INTIMATE MONTHS TOGETHER. And you’re in your 50s! Congratulations on behaving like an immature teenager. But boo hoo, it’s because you were traumatized in your last relationship, and thus are a Perpetual Victim for whom we should always feel sorry, even when you use your Trauma as an excuse to traumatize others (namely, me).

It helped to later find out that your breakup was due to a lifelong lack of courage, and that you did not want even bigger lies to be detected; at least it makes sense that you would run once you realized the gig was up. But I have trouble respecting you for how you broke up, and have trouble respecting myself for how long it took me to get over you.


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