Broken hearts mend

Broken hearts mend

Broken hearts mend


Dear A,

With each passing day, I’ve always hoped that it would somewhat get easier for me to carry on but your memories haunt me like a tidal wave.. It keeps coming me over me and I can’t help but drown..

When I met you, I was overwhelmed by happiness for I found someone so similar, the puzzle piece I had missed.. Someone whom I could lean on and confide in.. Someone who was attentive to my every fear and need.. Distance never seemed an issue because you were all that ever mattered most..

Little did I know reasons why you drifted apart from me despite me trying to hold our facade from crumbling apart.. Sometimes I’ve beaten myself up by not fighting for you enough, for not assuring you that things would be alright.. But I guess it was never in my hands..

I guess you had it all planned out or you knew all along that there will never be you and I for a long time as so I hoped.. All that rings in my head now are nothing but your broken promises and the only thing I can hold onto to is the ring you gave me as promise which once meant something to me but now all I see is nothing but mere jewelry..

But I know time will heal my wounds and as you’ve moved on with someone new, I wish you nothing but the best but I wish I had that one chance to tell you how much you mattered to me..


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