When will I stop writing you letters?

When will I stop writing you letters?

When will I stop writing you letters?


Dearest Alec.
How did we end up this way? We fought so hard for each other for so long and it seemed like we had fought our way through the worst parts of our relationship. I was so blindsided. My heart still hurts. I don’t know if it’s hurting bc you left me for another person or if it’s bc I feel like the biggest idiot for trusting you with all of my heart. I like to think it’s both. I still think it’s funny how even till this day you can’t own up to your lies and manipulation towards me. But let’s be real here… I feel like I would still believe you and trust you, so ultimately yeah I am the biggest dumbass. I know a part of me will always love you, and that makes it hard for me to hate you. You’ve made the biggest impact on my life. However, sometimes when things get rough for me, I wish I could erase all the memories I had with you. We made so many plans and we were so close to making them come true. It sucks to know that you were the one who gave up. Nonetheless, I hope you’re happy with your decision. You’ll always have a place in my heart.


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