All I wanted was a reason

All I wanted was a reason

All I wanted was a reason


Dear Zachary,
We broke up 1 year and 9 months ago, you cheated on me after we dated for 5 years. We dated from 8th to 12 grade, we were together through all of high school, we were that high school sweethearts everyone knew about even the teachers, parents, staff and students. You were my first love and I was yours, we did everything together, we went to the beach, on family vacations, parties, collage visits, even funerals. Went to every high school football games, basketball games, soccer games, even the tennis games to cheer on our school. We both played lacrosse, you were the #1 men´s goalie in the state I was the #1 women´s player in the state. You and I were it, all we needed was each other we went through hell and back many times but we always managed to stay together. Then, on July 25, 1 day before my 18th birthday, I found out you cheated on me. You said it was because we drifted apart and we were both going to collage in a month, you said she was all over you first. That was no reason to still cheat, there was more to the story and you never told me why. The next day on my 18th birthday you asked the other girl to be your girlfriend. You guys dated for 9 months before she cheated on you. You left me heartbroken and empty, I was lost and you never seemed to care. I wish I told how I felt earlier but I never did I still felt that one day you would come back, you never did. To this day I still haven’t gotten a reason why you left and cheated, still to this day I think about you everyday still wondering what could have happened if you never left, wondering if i did anything.


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