To my first great love

To my first great love

To my first great love

LTME-postI’m sorry I wasn’t enough. Along the way we changed, but I’ll never forget the way we used to be. I still remember the day we first met, the first time we held hands, our first movie, our first kiss, our first time, our first fight… and how you took care of me when I was sick. Thank you for the times we shared together. Thank you for somehow shaping me to be the person I am today, and for teaching me life lessons no one else could. I was lucky to have met you although we were young, naive, and it was us against the world. My parents were disapproving then, but I still wrote a letter to my dad saying I’ll marry you someday. I have only myself to blame as I should have treasured you more then, and only upon realising that I lost you made me aware of how big a part you play in my life. Maybe if we met when we were older, things would be different. I don’t know whether what we had was called love; but neither do I know how to explain how time and time again we still come back to this; no matter how many years have passed. Maybe it’s love; but we were just not meant to be. Now you’re about to marry the girl you’ve put me on a string for.. you strung me along for so many years as you dated the girl you weren’t so sure off at first. And once you knew, you still had me strung along knowing I was always going to be this naive stupid girl for you. You’re right, I am. But now I know, she brings out the best in you, something that maybe I could never have done. So right now, I Guess it’s time we let go. Here’s wishing you all the best in your marriage, in life. When I met you, I lost a piece in me that I will never get back. Take care of it, and pls.. leave me a special place in your heart. One day, maybe Fate will let us meet again. Till then..

With all my love,


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