I just want occasional contact

I just want occasional contact

I just want occasional contact

LTME-postMy Dearest Gina:

I hope that you will find this letter.

You led me to this website, whether intentionally or not.

When I found a way to contact you after 26 years, and you agreed, I was so happy.

Maybe I dwell on the past, but more than half of our lives are over, with the best parts most likely behind us.

We talked on the phone for almost two hours in the middle of the night.

I slept so well afterward, having communicated with you.

Then eleven hours later something changed. You were not the sweet girl that I had wondered about for a quarter century and had just talked to for two hours the night before.

You cut me off from all further contact, stating that I need to move on.

This sounds strange, because all I had asked for was for you to pass on my contact information to some mutual friends.

Yes, as you said, I have not changed a bit. To this I reply that means that I have always been who I am, and have always been true, and not a deciever or a lier.

As bad as I felt when we split up all those years ago, I am feeling that way once again.

I don’t want to stalk or annoy you in any way, but I do find it interresting that you have problems with those actions from other men that you have broken relationships with.

I guess that there is just something about you that we seem to find irresistable.

I will always love you, that will never change.

I have cried many times about us over the course of the last 26 years, and now have spent the last weekend doing it again.

Thank You, For The Memories, is what you texted me. So I did a search. It led me to this site, and a specific letter that is so beautiful that it makes me cry each time I read it.

If you meant for me to find it I may never know, but it fits just a bit too good with our last talk and few texts that I feel it cannot be just a coincidence.

I really just want occasional contact, just to know that you are ok. The not knowing is worse than being alone, and I am not alone. I have a wonderful fiance that I neither would nor could cheat on, so all that I can offer you now is my undying friendship.

Yours forever,


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