You are a psychopath

You are a psychopath

You are a psychopath

LTME-postDear Mario: I hate you. You disgust me. You are the definition of a psychopath. I knew you were a narcissist but then further research describes you as a psychopath. You have no shame. You constantly lie and manipulate everyone around you. You play the victim to gain sympathy of people but you are the abuser. You are a thief and you feel no guilt in doing bad things to others. A true psychopath.

To your new girlfriend: you are severely mistaken if you believe that he will not hurt you. The moment he lied to you in him being with me, communicating with me, not abusing me and playing himself the victim, that he lied and told you the child I have is not his, he’s already played you. You foolishly believed him when I gave you all of the information. You called me crazy yet you stayed with him knowing all of the truth. You are just as twisted as he is because you were in an abusive relationship and yet you think it’s ok for this one to have hurt me. You talk about me to your friends and yet you hide the monster you are within. To get pregnant so that you think you can hold on to him because you consider yourself above me; you are stupid. You will get yours as well as he will. Good luck in your pregnancy. I feel sorry for your baby. He/she has not one but two monsters as parents.

Thank you for keeping that guy and telling him not to contact me anymore. You did me a great favour.

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