Rocky road

Rocky road

Rocky road

LTME-postI started a blog discussing love interests as ice cream flavors. I can’t believe I am having the hardest time writing yours. I find my self reminiscing more than usual as of late about how we would be “right” now if things we different and didn’t end the way they did. I often wonder what you are up to, how are you doing, and if you do -have- someone new.. are they treating you right? or at least better than I did?

We just stopped talking… I went to call you one day and your number was changed. I can’t believe you have not reached out and it’s nearly been a year since the last time I saw you in person. I’m writing this here because I doubt you’ll find it and hoping this is the closure I think that I need. I miss you, but I think I’m better off without you. So much for being end-game right?


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