LTME-postHi K. How are you? Me, I’m not okay. My hard drive broke. So the only songs I have in my playlist are some of your songs. I downloaded my FB app again. I saw old pics of us. Other pictures of us are gone with my hard drive. I placed in a hidden folder here in my phone all of your pictures. I still can’t delete them. Those are just only the photos I have of you and us. I didn’t know what happened to us. Or to you. I sincerely wish we still are a thing. I cant change who I am. I still am who I was before, only tougher. And you of all people should know why. But I’m really sorry. You know, even you have your shortcomings but I didn’t let those get me to decide to leave you. But you left me. And I miss you everyday. I’m no longer mad. I’m more sad. I obviously haven’t moved on. Have you? I wish you dont find that person who’ll fulfil the spaces I can’t fill up. I wish you come to your senses that it’s still me you want. I hope that you miss me as much as I do. And if you do I hope you have the courage to text or call me. Or show up as a surprise. Even though you know I hate surprised. I promise I’ll just listen if only you will talk now. I’m telling myself that if you come back I’ll make it hard for you. That you have to prove me why you want this again. I mean, you left me twice. But i don’t know if I can make it hard for you. I know I still love you. Crystal clear and without a doubt. I hope you feel the same way too. It’s not my ego that’s stopping me to message you. I just always remember you wanted this to end. And you don’t have any energy to work this out anymore. That’s what’s stopping me everyday. But if in any way this message gets to you, I hope you’ll find me in the deepest recess of your heart and realize that we are worth fighting for. /K.

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  1. K 3 years ago

    Okay. I just saw this.

    If it was him….if you were him…I wonder since the chances are so slim.

    Things ended in such a way that it would be difficult for either one of us to reach out. Though I have tried in my own way there’s a lot of hesitation around my being the one to initiate communication. Fear of being hurt is one. Fear of being hurt by someone who doesn’t really care for/value me is another.

    I’d need to know he wanted me, really wanted me. I’d need a gesture that’s not through an anonymous website.

    Whoever you are. Be the person I once knew or not, you should reach out to the person you write of. I often think of him still and I miss him. There’s so much I would like to say given the chance. Was it a love? Is it a love lost? If you still feel connected, there’s a chance your other person feels that connection still.

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