Identify the sociopathic love

Identify the sociopathic love

Identify the sociopathic love

Hey Leah

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  You got the malloy for being such a weaver of lies!  And now everyone knows what a sociopath you really are.  Screaming racism at your own mixed race daughter?

Stealing from your parents?  Awwwww, are you mad now that everyone knows your crimes against humanity?

I love that you say to everyone that you hate Trump, because YOU ACT EXACTLY LIKE TRUMP.  

I found your diary and saved myself.  I walked over the AM bridge and escaped.  I mean being a shitty stripper is one thing, but a prostitute as well?  And you fuck your own brother to boot?

How’s fatass Crystal?  Did you turn your daughter into a sociopath and a prostitute too?

Your mother hates you and your step father does too.  They can’t escape that in Serbia.  

What’s the matter?  Cheat on your new husband again? No sympathy for you in your fucked up repugnant life.

You caused all of the world’s problems by just existing.

If you traveled back in time to Ancient Samaria – they would not love you either.  Your father left for good reason – you are a sociopath and a psycho and you will know no happiness.  

You should exit immediately – you are just nothing.  You are worthless and your presence on earth doesn’t mean anything.

Think of that the next time you hurt someone.  When you recite your script of ‘im not perfect just be happy’s. and maybe read voltaire instead of trying to seem intelligent.  

And you suck at chess.


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