You piece of shit

You piece of shit

You piece of shit

I hope you will face everything you did to and worse. And guess what? No one else ever liked you. After dating you, I can say I understand why. You are rude, obnoxious, sexist, overall a human piece of shit. That’s right, I put myself down plenty of times, taking all of your bullshit because I thought deep down you were better and could change. I was a fool! You dared throw in a dramatic sob story or your medical condition every time I tried to talk to you about problems we had.

Guess what you fucking turd, your person problems don’t give you the right to make others constantly feel like shit. Wanna know why no one ever wants to stay with you? Because you can’t have a normal conversation! You won’t last 3 fucking minutes without telling people a sob story that you told me multiple times you aren’t affected by personally, or telling them a sad story from your past so they feel sorry for you. Maybe, just maybe, if you would get out of that victim mentality you have, people wouldn’t constantly leave you. No one wants you because staying with you is like being forced to play therapist 24/7. My mental state was so bad, every second I was with you. I hope I never hear or see from you ever again.


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