Why now?

Why now?

Why now?

It’s been about a week since you said you weren’t happy with me and that you never were, that you can’t do certain things because of me and I can’t do certain things because of you. You never stopped me from doing what I dreamed of. 

I’m sorry for my insecurities. I’m sorry for pain I caused you. I miss you and I just want to come home. 
5 years you don’t expect this. I’m sorry we lost the baby. 

“I’m giving you distance, I’m tryna go about business, I’m tryna be less suspicious, but I got this sickness, sorry you had ‘ta witness, I’m not tryna be vicious, I wish we were more ambitious and less superstitious.”

So tired of being so tired
Why i gotta go build something so pretty just to set it on fire?
Maybe i’ll lay down for a little


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