Hi Seven, 

I hope you are well, I wanted to write to let you know how I am. It’s been a long time since we last saw and spoke to each other, since we parted and I stopped hearing from you. Immediately after you left I finally went back to college and finish my 1st degree and go on to complete a second , something that I had never planned way before meeting you.

I confess writing this stirs me up emotionally. I stopped feeling like running to you to tell you any good thing that happened to me as if you were my life like when I was heartbroken when it ended, but I confess I miss you, the best friend I had in you. I learned that we should have started as friends first and maybe it would have been different. I do subconsciously wonder about you around certain dates through out the year, and then I wonder in those short moments how are you ? and do you ever think of me ?

It’s weird I most of the time I feel like I healed from our partnership but at the same time  I allow myself to miss you or what you represent probably . I once got a scare about a mysterious call , and for days  I thought it was you . Today I am building a beautiful new beginning , my life is on a positive track , and I am open to a new love. I always tell myself that we could not be and its been over for a long time  and that the purpose of meeting expired then.

But you marked my life , that I cannot not change ever no matter how hard I try . I hope that if I did mark yours it was for good, I hope you have matured , and living a positive life as well. I hope that you are happy. And know this,  I have love for you , like real deep. I do feel nervous of ever seeing you , speaking to you but I know I can do it confidently and in an honest way. I feel good about myself. I am making moves , growing into something awesome, but I’ve always been awesome anyway though lol. It’s like you told me once that “I have an undercover beautiful personality ” all it takes is for those real enough like you to see it and recognize it.

You are still the realest to me I will say that , and I know that if your life has changed for the better then today you are the king I knew you were always were that needed to find himself by traveling that road to self- discovery alone . Be safe and well. 

To the Universe : I am ready to love again and finally meet my life partner, tell him I am waiting for him ,  bring him to me. Bless me with self-love , wisdom , clarity , prosperity , strength , light,  confidence, courage and  inner peace. Thank you ! : )


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