Get it off my chest

Get it off my chest

Get it off my chest


I’m heartbroken because I have never been hurt in the ways you hurt me. If it was just lying and cheating you did was the worst of it I could forgive…but it’s not. I truly loved you,I think I showed you every way I could.
The things that you have done and continue to do to me are the sickest, disgusting things I would have hoped I never would have face. Not only did you disrespect me but you disgust me.

I brought you into my home, was as loyal and as giving to you as I could be. In return you have managed to do the most heartless, cruel, perverted, sick..and highly illegal stuff to me as you could. Not only me..but to my kids, that is the reason I have been either crying or sleeping for the last 3 months. Prisons are full because of people like you. Looks are deceiving, you are no long good looking. I cant believe how ugly you truly are. I have dreams of you being led out of the court room in cuffs. You deserve everything bad that happens to you.  You’re the sickest person I ever met….and to think I loved you make me hate myself. 

I am doing this for me, not you. I felt like some kind of revenge was necessary. Turns out, I’m not like you, I don’t get joy from making others miserable. I am going to have to forgive you so I can never think about you again. I’m better, stronger, and more human than you will ever be, you are a total waste of everything..I despise and loathe you. I wish I never would looked at you. Me not turning you in isn’t over either..I don’t understand why I would feel guilty..everything is your fault. You have to be you, that the worst punishment that could ever be handed to you. If I end up not pressing charges, I’m sure someone else will soon enough. Good riddance to you and I hope all of you says are as black and disappointing as you are.

My true feelings…

Huge piece of dog shit, Matt. I hope you get AIDS and your asshole falls out.

Fruitcake, yeah mother fucker you know I mean you

People like you are the reasons prisons are full and abortions should always be legal…and btw, your garbage dick tastes like your mothers disappointment.  I hope you kick a wall corner in the dark full stride. 

– Christy

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  1. Josie 1 year ago

    Christy you are amazing and strong, and i hope his asshole falls out too :). <3

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