You gave me false hope

You gave me false hope

You gave me false hope


I write this letter not to destroy you but to understand why I feel this way. You left me when I was at my low. You left me without knowing how I even felt. You never tried working things out with me or anything. You told me you loved me and lied to me. You hung out with other guys and never had a care about me. I loved you and you just left. I was honest, sweet and caring towards you. I never insulted you or broke you down. I never said anything bad about you and never will. I will always love you and I would give up everything to be with you. But it’s hard knowing someone can fall out of love in one day. It’s always gonna be that cloud over my head. You treated me like garbage. You said you were worried I wouldn’t like you. I loved you and now I’m just wondering if you even liked me. I would give up an arm and leg to be with you and you probably would give a penny to be with me.


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