I still love you.. you were my everything

I still love you.. you were my everything

I still love you.. you were my everything


P, ever since the first seconds I ever saw you I told myself I’m gonna get that boy. I remember telling all my friends I was gonna shoot my shot with you I was gonna try my best to get you. I started off by texting you frequently and somehow in all of it you fell for me I thought I had accomplished my biggest goal in life by getting you. I imagined everything with you, we may be young but I knew what I wanted with you and I knew how far I wanted to go with you. Then you asked me to be your girlfriend and I was so extremely happy. We did everything together. There isn’t a day that went by that we weren’t together that we didn’t talk. You helped me through everything as well I did with you. But then, the worst happened and somewhere our love for lost and I’m still to this day confused and upset because I don’t understand how our relationship was just falling apart day by day. I remember asking you “I need you to call me and leave me a voicemail saying “I love you” in case anything ever happens to you I’ll still have that to hold and I’ll still have that to listen to” you did it but what I didn’t tell you is that I only had you do that because I knew the end was near I knew that sooner or later our relationship would crumble and we wouldn’t have one another any longer. Since our breakup there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to that voicemail I wish I wasn’t still stuck up on you I wish I wasn’t breaking myself down because all I do is think about what could’ve been what we could’ve done to still be together. After my car wreck everyone else checked up on me except for you, I was still in the hospital and the only thing on my mind was you and I had some type of hope that you would maybe realize some things can be cut too short just like our relationship, do you know how hard it is to almost die and the only person you want to check up on you doesn’t even ask how you are or if you’re okay? I don’t know where I’m going with this but you were my world and you deserve to much and although you’re happy we’re no longer together and you’re moving on I’m still always gonna be here for you and I’m always gonna love you. You were my best friend… my everything and now it’s just crazy to have had that all ripped from me in seconds.

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  1. Sp 2 years ago

    Beautiful and touching.

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