I guess I’ll never know

I guess I’ll never know

I guess I’ll never know

LTME-postFeels weird to write this to you on a site called letter to my ex, considering you technically weren’t my ex. We haven’t properly started ‘dating’ but anyway, something was there and it was gone.
Hey, it’s been quite some time since we last met, and even longer from the first time we met. We met through a mutual friend of ours, on a college party. I was captivated since the first time seeing you. Initially I didn’t have romantic feelings towards you, just another new (very attractive) friend. After actually getting to know you better. To be closer both literally and metaphorically was a bliss for me. We got close, we talked every day, we did a lot of things together. Things you wouldn’t do with someone you considered just as friend. Then one day you just… faded out. I don’t know what’s wrong, did you get cold feet? Did someone from your past suddenly text you so you just make a uturn? I guess I’ll never know.
All those time I never did say it out loud and I would regret that for many years to come. Is it the things I said or the things I didnt say? Well here it is, I like you a lot. I wouldn’t presume to use the word ‘love’ because we are hardly that, but there’s enough there for me. And I guess for a period, for you too. If I could have you in my life, always, I wouldn’t want anything much more after that. Maybe a ps4 pro with a 4ktv. You always said you liked looking at me gaming which I think is totally weird. I fixed the couch, btw. No more stabby stabby arm rest.
Anyway, hope you are well. If you’re wasted after the trains stop, again, just call me and I would drive over to pick you up and drop you home. Maybe some hot drive-through before that.
And stop working so late, your company doesn’t properly pay overtime.

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  1. YY 5 years ago

    Hey there,

    I am writing to you to let you know that my situation is quite similar to yours. The down side of my relationship is my gf is missing her ex all the while we’re together.
    It had been 5 months and close to 6 months we’re got together, never been a week or days that she never mention her ex. Every songs she heard, everything she does, every meals we had and literally every single little things would remind her of her ex.

    We talked it through but it didn’t change a bit. Asked her if she regret to be in this relationship with me, she said no. Deep down in me, I knew she misses her ex still. She is lying next to me but missing her ex, nothing could be worse than this.

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