A letter to my ex

A letter to my ex

A letter to my ex


Its been three months now which we stopped communicating, i thought i was in a relationship with a man who’s ready to take up responsibilities, i never knew you were like other guys out there.
It hurt so much when i think about all what you said to me.some were true while most were lies.you treated me like a scumbag because i allowed you to.
Today i want to let go of the sadness associated with my past, the way i feel when i think about you, the humiliation i feel because of how i allowed you to treat me. i think i need to say this, you once want to make me into what am not, asking me to dress more in a uniquely even when you never contributed to my looks and dress. All you ever did was to complain but never did anything to change it.
But Today I Made A Very Important Decision in my life by forgiving myself and am ready to forgive you only if you plead to me but am trying to forgive and forget you, yes i am and i will soon.
From – Argentium


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