You broke me

You broke me

You broke me


honestly, i’m not going to say i’m sorry for anything. you broke me and destroyed any happiness i had. i made your happiness my source of happiness and put myself in a continuous loop of breaking my own heart. you knew i needed you when you left but i guess you only cared about yourself. i would of done above and beyond to watch you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. i held you 8 days prior to you leaving, while you cried about how much you loved me. you spoke about our future and how i had nothing to worry about because you weren’t going anywhere. well where are you now? the last thing you said to me was go get drunk well for the first 3 months, that’s what i did, daily. i was destroying myself everyday, hoping something wouldn’t make me feel so broken. you thought i was f*cked before you left well you should see me now. all i wanted to do was make you happy and that wasn’t good enough. i hope some day you’ll realise what you lost and come back. i still don’t know why you left or why you did what you did but i hope one day, you’ll be mature enough to tell me.

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  1. NR 5 years ago

    I know how it feels when someone breaks you apart. I was in a relationship with someone for almost 4 years. I have know her for 8 years. I couldn’t hold myself together. It destroyed me so much that I was just doing bad things to myself. Stay strong. Good times are ahead 🙂

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