The message I couldn’t send you

The message I couldn’t send you

The message I couldn’t send you


*Pseudonyms have been used*

Dear Jay,
I saw your messages and I’ve been thinking if I should respond to them at all. It has been almost a year since we’ve broken up. I saw that you and your ex-girlfriend have made up while I have been dating Frank. When you messaged me several times recently about wanting to talk and how you’ll always love me, I became resentful all over again. We’re both in relationships and even when I told you to not contact me again, you chose to not respect this boundary. Since viewing these messages, I’ve been ruminating over what’d I like to say to you if I were to ever see you in-person again. I’ve been thinking about this situation and our break-up constantly to the point where I’ve been questioning whether or not I should break-up with my current boyfriend.
Once I took time to reflect on this situation, I realized that I have not let go of the past and I have not forgiven you. I’ve been holding on to this pain for far too long now. I slowly began to undo the negative style of thinking I have and I am beginning to move forward. I am in an amazing relationship now that I do not want to jeopardize it. While my anger towards you is still there, I want to thank you building my resilience.



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