Dear Mr Tan

Dear Mr Tan

Dear Mr Tan


When I first know you, you were attached with your new girlfriend. We became friends because I naively believe that it was “safe” to be friend with someone who has a girlfriend.

We both became closer as we reluctantly became the match maker for yours and mine good friend. Oddly, both of them din work out, and ironically we both found a sense of belonging together. As time goes by, this feeling had became something that aren’t reversible. We fell inlove with one another. Being that “responsible guy”, we started dating in the dark. A year goes by, I picked up the courage to ask you for a decision. You replied “My girlfriend and I had just bought a house together.” This is where my world came crashing down.

I witness everything secretly, from the proposal, to your wedding and then moving in to your new nest. It was a huge blow for me. I tried my best to stop you, but all he would say is “trust me”. I trusted you, and loved you with all my heart.

3 years had gone by now. I said to you “Let’s end this together”. You told me you can’t leave me. To be exact, you can’t leave your wife. I realized this too late. You have all the chance to be with me when things isn’t that complicated, but your choice was the latter. Your love for me is all a lie.

Now that I had chose to leave you, I hope to return the love you had for me to your wife. Hope that we can start anew with the new life ahead.

Your Honey


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