Best wishes to my past

Best wishes to my past

Best wishes to my past


When I met you, I knew you weren’t meant for a chapter in my life,
Yet, I knew you were meant for a few pages.
Pages that carry hope, disappointment and a hard lesson learned.

You were funny, charming and loving life when I met you. It captivated me, as that was what I wanted to be, but only later realized that I have to create this on my own. Not hope on someone else to bring me this.

You played in the beds of many before I met you, creating hope just to cut it when your goal was reached. Yet, I knew this and I still gave you a chance. It was only when you left and broke my heart that I realized, this was more than just dating someone I liked, this was being attracted to someone who had what I wanted so badly.

My scars of my past before you, revealed themselves to me. And that’s when I realized, thank you. Thank you for showing me that even though you were not the one for me, deep down inside I wished you to be.

You had the qualities I wished for in myself and I gained them, only after realizing that even the partner you pray for, can’t give you fulfillment. You’re gonna have to figure it out yourself. You were a lesson learned and therefore, I am grateful you are in my past for you are a stepping stone that only made me wiser. Go well, your pages in my book are full.


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