If I could take my heart back

If I could take my heart back

If I could take my heart back


Dear Liz,
I’ve written tons of words that I needed to express to you but you didn’t acknowledge a single one. You called them “long ass essays”. That was my heart being poured out to you bitch! You really convinced me that you loved me, that you wanted to be by my side through thick and thin, but now that I look back, I should’ve realized that you were wrong for trying so hard to convince me that you loved me. It should’ve been expressed effortlessly. But live and learn. It really fucken sucks how much I fell for you though. You were my best friend, the only friend I felt comfortable opening up to! And I know you felt the same about me. You knew I was ALWAYS there when you needed something, without you needed to ask or mention it to me. I was your #1 fan, you were my #1 fan, well so I thought. Really you were my demon. Each time I receive a call or message from you it’s like poison that tastes so sweet that I can not resist. And I absolutely hate it. I regret the day I initiated to flirt with you. I hate the fact that I even met you! You lie to everyone around you, well everyone somehow blinded to it and loves you in ways that you don’t deserve. I go on dates and have passionate sex with girls and at the end of the nights guess who’s the one on my fucken mind?! YOU bitch. And I can’t understand why. But I’ll find a way to take my heart back, with time. Meanwhile, I still pray the best for you, and your son who once called us a “happy family” under the Christmas tree that we put up. I love both of you. Your son deserved it, but YOU are the reason I deeply regret it.


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