Hey! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. About the good times, the fun laughs, the raw moments were we both realized we are only human and could share years worth of words in a nod and half smile, accompanied with a close-to-cry tear in the corner of our eyes.

You fucked up. By leaving me, telling me you aren’t ready for a relationship because you have commitment issues. So you countered that by telling me, let’s leave the sex and keep the emotional bond cause you’re really great support.


So you want all the ass and pussy on the sideline but I’m your go to chick for all support when shit gets real? Pass on hun. This door is closed shut.

You slept with me and I with you. But the difference was, I did it out of love and you did it for a number to your list of girls. Cause triple digits is a prestigious goal for you, sleeping with anything that’s willing to.

And for that I’m sorry. For myself. I am now only one of your numbers where to me, you were more. And that’s why I say, hey I miss you. Hope your doing well.

Cause I miss the picture you portrayed before you got me into bed. How I regret believing in the hope of change. You fooled me once, but darling next time, life will fuck you over twice.


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