What I lost… and gained

What I lost… and gained

What I lost… and gained


Ive been thinking about you a lot lately… not sure why, either. 4 years is a long ass time. Giving your 100% to another soul is a whole lot on a person. You have taught me so much about loving another being, and loving myself. You made me feel so wonderful-helped my insecurities and made me feel so secure. Yet, you always had eyes for other girls. Which broke me down.. How can one person build me up soooo high and tear me down just as low? Crazy to think someone has that much power. That’s love. Whatever that love thing is… but hey, I think we had it. Now I’m in a new relationship and think about what we went through. I hope your dreams are coming true, hope
you have learned to breathe and relax, and I really hope that you’re happy. There was a point where I thought you might be the one. Maybe it was the time we spent, or how you knew me better than anyone else… but our lives are totally different now kid. I truly hope that you’re off to doing great things, even if it’s not together. I hope you find the girl that completes you, like I found the boy that completes me now. Times flies and people grow apart, but I’m grateful for the time we had. Thank you. Good luck out there, life’s wild.


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