I still think of you

I still think of you

I still think of you


Dear D,
I miss you so much. I miss the way you would hold onto me when I came home to you. I miss the way you would tell me how much you love me. I miss the way I knew I could come to you for anything. I miss the way you kiss me and hold my face. I miss the way you would hug me so tightly against your chest. You were so tall and big and you always made me feel so safe. I still think of you, and how I wish I could just run into your arms right now. I constantly tell myself I’m over you, but in reality I know I’m not. I’ve been talking to someone new for the past month, he’s great and all. But he isn’t you. He doesn’t make me laugh like the way you do, he doesn’t give me that butterfly feeling you would always give me when you plant a kiss on my lips, he doesn’t make me feel excited to see him the next day like the way I would with you, he doesn’t have the same scent as you, he doesn’t fit my puzzle piece like the way you did. You may have hurt me in the end, but if you were to text me right now, and asked for my forgiveness. I would take you back in a heartbeat. Ever since you left a feel like a piece of soul has been taken from me. I’m trying to fill this void in my heart, the one you gave me when you left me a few months ago. It hurts. Everything hurts since you’ve been gone from my life. Not only did I lose my boyfriend but I lost my bestfriend. I try to find answers everywhere, I try to find them online, in my friends, in our old memories, in our pictures. The answers to where we went wrong; could we have fixed it? Or maybe I’m just crazy to think we couldn’t have made it work. I over loved and that pushed you away. I don’t know where life is taking me right now, but I hope it still leads back to you someday. Because I truly think you’re my soulmate. Please come back to me one day, I’m still waiting.


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