Dear Honey Oak Eyes

Dear Honey Oak Eyes

Dear Honey Oak Eyes


Everyone meets an angel at least once in their life and I met one within you.

Being with you was the best part of my life, you taught me how to lay back and take time to just look at the sky and look at the clouds. You taught me to see rubber ducks, not tanks, and to laugh at the things that used to make me tremble. You gave me the seeds of self-love, and I’ve brought it on myself to grow my old garden. You keep giving me hope that we have a chance to fix things then it feels like its crushed again. I know I messed up, I cheated on you and that is the worse mistake I have ever done in my whole life. I know I am high maintenance, and I don’t know how to explain why I did the unthinkable. I know our relationship was so sexual and sometimes I felt pathetic and like I couldn’t fulfill all of your fantasies, I want there to be a second time where this time I want to be sensitive enough to express my love with more than sex. Part of the reason I di the unthinkable was an overfilling desire to just be perfect, and even though I know you loved me so much and thought I was your princess, but I never felt perfect so I went hunting for the fake feeling. I never found it, but I know with you, life can be perfect even if I’m not. I know we both needed to grow after this and I for one know that I have. Your extremely intelligent and learn so fast, you’re constantly changing and developing. Every time we talk you seem to be more and more amazing. You have a way of communicating that has gone away with time, but you use it and it makes me feel like I’m back in a time when people love people for their hearts and not their bodies. When you tease me sometimes it makes my heart beat so fast, and I hope that sometimes I do that for you too. I know you may never read this letter unless I get the balls to text you a link to it. I know whoever reads this may think I am crazy for saying I love the boy with the honey oak eyes who smells like peace and home but love is more than just a feeling, its the joy I get when you smile, the way I smile when you text me, and how my day gets better just from hearing that your doing good. Sometimes I feel stupid for loving you and after posting this letter others probably will as well.
Hope your smiling and I hope you text me, duckie boy with the honey oak eyes
-Kane Marilyn


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