You aren’t an asshole

You aren’t an asshole

You aren’t an asshole



Yes it hurts. It hurts to know you are engaged, yet weeks ago you told me “I want to get married, but I also want to love you…I miss you and think about you so much.” Yes, you warned me about getting engaged/married soon. BUT, you should not have texted me that you got engaged, nor should you encourage me to look at your fiancé’s picture of the engagement. That makes you seem like a cold hearted asshole. However, the truth is you are not. I would never fall in love with an asshole. You were something special. And for that reason I wish you well. I refuse to let the natural reaction of bitterness to interfere with my love for you. Yes it sucks. I’m not even going to front, but who am I to say I love you unconditionally and not continue loving you after you chose someone other than me. KB, big head, crazy, corazon, nena, lover, love bug, baby, babe, bubs, it’s not going to end on a sour note. You are the best, and in honor of how we always end our meaningful conversations “I’m so proud of you…you’re the best.” That won’t ever change, and I hope you never change. You’re a gorgeous human being inside and out, and though I guess your mind does not settle on me how it used to, I was blessed enough to take a crash course in love with you. To my first love…cheers to a start of your new chapter. I can’t believe I’m going through this heartbreak alone, but there would be nobody else I’d do this for but you. I knew that I’d let you rip my heart out just to find your happiness. My heart is broken to pieces, but you’re starting a new life that you’re excited for. I’m imagining your smile influenced by your excitement, and my heart still beats for that million dollar smile. Keep on smiling babe…it looks good on you.

Forever grateful,

S…your last love

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  1. MINICAKE 4 years ago

    I’m in the same situation rn. Told me weeks ago that he didn’t want to get married to his gf and that he loves me still, but well the wedding is still on so….

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