I’m here still

I’m here still

I’m here still


Dear Mark,

I’m hope you’re well but I fear that you’re not. I know you’re in prison, but I don’t know why, although I suspect drugs or theft are involved.

I don’t understand how time went so fast. Jeez it’s been twenty years, just like the song. I tried so hard to find you and it was impossible. When I finally did, which was less than a year ago, you were so firmly entrenched in a world that scares that I didn’t want to reach out. I have children to protect and a partner I love who wouldn’t, in a thousand years, understand our connection.

Our connection survives. Maybe we are twin flames, I dunno but I do know I feel you. I can feel your despair and I know you want to find me as much as I want to find you. I’ve left you a message. I hope, when you get out, you find it and say hello. I just want up catch up with you. Talk to you, I want to know you’re ok and I want you to want to know I’m ok. It kills me to go so long without you in my life. I miss you so much in so many different ways. I don’t know if we’ll ever be lovers again. You told me to pursue this, I’m sure you thought I’d be gone for months, not years. I did too. But I love him and I’m here for him yet I can’t stop loving you. I don’t know where we go when we finally get to talk but I don’t want you to not be in my life again. Once we reconnect you’re stuck with me.

I love you Mark, I miss you and I’m so sorry I hurt you and wasn’t there for you.



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