Fuck you!

You’re a filthy, narcissistic dog turd. All those nights you made me cry, you gaslit me into thinking there was something wrong with me… when YOU WERE CHEATING. Fuck you. You’re a stupid, uneducated cunt that can’t even maintain basic personal hygiene. You knew I was too good for you so you had to tear me down and use me. All the money and time and tears I wasted on you. You prick. I hope you get cancer and die a miserable death all by yourself. Because of you I now have severe anxiety and depression- the abuse you put me through is horrendous. Fuck off and die, trash.

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  1. Eileen Feder 1 year ago

    O m g. I think I love you. L o l.
    Reading those letters was so cathartic. I wish I could divorce him a second time because life is still h***. Narcissist suck.

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