The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end


Eddie, ever since we met i never thought that i would like you. But that day you walked in the room i thought to myself who is this weird kid and i promised myself that i wouldn’t talk to you but one day i decided to talk to you and all of a sudden i felt something for you but i tried so hard not to say anything because i knew that my friends would say something like he is to weird for you or he is to stupid but that is why i never said anything to them in the beggining but after so long i knew that couldn’t keep it from them and i decided to tell them and they weren’t happy with me but the got over it and i can remember on 5-14-18 i asked you if you would be my boyfriend and you said yes and i was the happiest person you could meet and i can also remember the day you held my hand and yeah i was so scared but once you did i was no longer scared. And i can also remember the day you said i love you to me for the first i knew that we were something special. when we used to hangout over the summer i thought to myself i am so lucky to have someone who cares about me and the when school started back up in august 2018 we were still together and everything was perfect and i joined a cheer team and you did football but on 9-21-18 you broke up with me i was heart broken but it was ok because i had myfriends to confort me. But i also remember you getting with my bestfriend the sam day we broke up. And i had to find out from her at a school dance and the whole dance i cried. Ever since then we have had an on and off relationsjip but since the last time we broke up nothing has been the same. It feels like i have lost you and i dont know what i would do without you but it doesnt matter because i know now that you were playing me to get what you wanted but now i know not to trust someone like you and yes i am still in love with you and nothing is going to change that but i know i have to let you go soon or later.


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