Why did I even date you?

Why did I even date you?

Why did I even date you?


Dear Ex,
FUCK YOU. seriously i put in my 100% effort to make you feel happy, safe and always positive but you on the other hand? you made me cry. you made me do self harm. why did i even consider you as “the one” because you aren’t even a good girlfriend let alone friend. you add random guys on snapchat and look at their nudes like it’s nothing towards our relationship but if i were to do it i would get into so much trouble. your friends are all so much nicer than you. your fake. your boring. your my ex. i thought that your looks, your pretty eyes and smile would definitely say that your also a pretty amazing person. where was that? you were so rude to me and others, other people that cared about you. when you broke up with me i was crying but not for long did i stop and realise who you really are. you’re a back stabber, a rumour spreader and lastly, a fucking little bitch.


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