Convoluted mess

Convoluted mess

Convoluted mess


You can say whatever you want about me, how I have issues and fucked everything up, but at the end of the day, you’re just as much at fault as I am. You held me against a refrigerator and slapped me numerous times. You tried to break a door down, assaulted me, and had the cops show up and tell you to leave me alone. You drove me to my breaking point, and when I finally got there, I was the one responsible for our giant mess of a relationship. You are a manipulative, emotionally unstable mess. I miss who I was before I fell in love with you. Now I doubt myself, I look in the mirror and feel like a terrible person because that’s how you’ve conditioned me to feel. Then when you decided you’d had enough, you cheated on me and expected me to still be your friend. Fuck you. I hope you keep doing blow and binge drinking until you end up in a rehabilitation center for the rest of your life you selfish piece of shit. Have fun with your pushover enabler of a boyfriend.


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