You ruined people

You ruined people

You ruined people


To my ex I met you at the worse moment of my life I lost my whole family one after another I lost my home my job and I was on my own with two kids . You came into my life and gave me hope but all along you was destorying me in the worst way possible you lied cheated and broke me down you had no intention of loving me you used me manipulated me you even let me get a coach to my own mother’s funeral even though you was going to the same town . You went there to meet another woman you had met of the internet. And when I confronted you denied it . And when I found the woman’s number in your phone and I called her she said she never knew you . Even though you told me she was a old friend. More put me down you would never let me have anything to myself and any little bit of happiness I found you would take it away from me . I’ve seen you destory peoples lives including your own parents. Even your own kids don’t like you . You have done a lot more things over the years evil nasty things you have never showed remorse for anything you have ever done . Including driving my son away for three years. You will die a lonely old man .I’m glad you are not in my life anymore I never ever want to see you ever again. Good riddance.


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