Forever and always?

Forever and always?

Forever and always?


To the one who i thought i was going to be with for longer than i expected.

You are truely an amazing person, you brought so many happy memories every night that i stayed at your house made me happy you knew how to make me laugh. You were my first proper love and my heart aches knowing you no longer want me and you no longer need me but for god sakes i think of you so much, i wish you never had to move away i wish i didn’t lie to you as much but i was scared you wouldn’t want me as much. You were always an amazing person and i’m so very grateful for the moments we have spent dancing in the lounge room and eve the moments you were mad at me and i sat in the corner of your couch worries shitless because it showed me how much i love you and i still have every photo we took together, every video i made you smile in because i love your smile i still listen to our song that you loved singing completely wrong, i miss you wanting to wear my shoes, i miss you making me jealous, i miss you kissing me, i miss sleeping in the same bed as you, i miss listening to the same song with you over and over again, i miss your brothers, i miss your beautiful mother who is such a gem you are so lucky to be able to call her your mum, i miss knowing that you love me, i miss people telling me how much you talked about me in class, i miss saying goodnight to you at night and you getting mad st me because i said “love you” not “i love you”, i miss the little hissey fits that you use to have when you would see another boys photo pop up on my instagram, i miss me begging you to kiss me when your mad, i miss going to the gym with you and your mum, i miss wondering what would make me love you even more each day, i miss telling you how much i love you and how much you mean to me, i miss making sure you knew i wasn okay even when you thought i wasn’t, i miss you taking my stuff and me getting mad, i miss how you use to look at me after we kissed, i miss how you weren’t afraid to tell someone how much you love me, i miss you getting stoned in your kitchen and being depressed that you couldn’t kiss me cause you had pasties, i miss your little brother thinking we were going to get married.

I could go on and on for so long.

I miss you Nic, and i always will

I love you.


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