Letter to your new girlfriend

Letter to your new girlfriend

Letter to your new girlfriend


Dear his future girlfriend,
Heres some things you need to know about the guy you are dating.
Hes hilarious and will have you laughing for hours. Youll never be bored.
Hes a history buff and its so cute to just hear him ramble on about historic facts and marvel at museums.
He loves older music and to sing even though hes not that good.
He loves eating out and trying new places.
Hes the most caring person I know and will put you before himself.
He wants 2 kids. one boy. one girl.
He loves to cuddle and take naps.
I thought he was my forever. But not anymore. Hes yours now and I wish you and him the best. I hope the way he looks at you makes your heart melt. I hope you can give him what I couldnt at the time. Please treat him well he deserves it. Try not to be petty and be forgiving. He makes mistakes but will always be ready to talk them out and please do. Dont make the mistake I did and push him away. Draw him closer to you and be open in every way possible. I hope he becomes your world like he was mine. Ill never forget the memories but hope you guys make more. I hope he will be happier and healthier with you.
Hold him close and never let go that boy is a keeper for sure.
Hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!
– His ex

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  1. Juan 12 months ago

    …I wish u sent me these..

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